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10 ideas for first courses (from lasagna to gnocchi)

Is Easter day approaching and you still don't have a clear idea of ​​what you will bring to the table? No problem. Here are some inspiration for the first course

Today we want to offer you some recipes Easter first courses perfect for the next Sunday lunch: cannelloni, lasagne, maccheroni alla chitarra and gnocchi, we have it for all tastes. You just have to decide what you want to offer to your guests.

Easter lunch tips

The first of Easter lunch it must be an important dish, but not too demanding and heavy. Above all, it must have i colors and flavors of spring. That's why we thought of adding some seasonal vegetables like the asparagus, i artichokes and the Fava beans.
Another suggestion: if you have many guests at lunch, we suggest you prepare a lasagna or gods cannelloni because they can be done the night before and they heat up just before serving them.
If you are few, instead, gnocchi and dry pasta they are ideal, even to do at the moment and without going crazy among a thousand pans.
Avoid on the big occasions and when the menu is very rich the risottos, because they can be done only at the moment.

First Easter: 10 inspirations

We are sure you will find the perfect recipe for you among these 10 ideas.
Happy Easter!

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