Top chicken recipes for August

We’ve rounded up the 20 very best chicken recipes for you this August and don’t worry, there’s something for everyone from creamy chicken pie fillings, herby burgers to spicy skewers and lots more.

Chicken is one of the most versatile meats available so don’t just stick to expensive cuts like breast and try some of our affordable and of course, delicious options this month using wings, legs and thighs instead.

Keeping the bone in these recipes means your meat will be more tender and retain its moisture better as well as adding flavour back to the cooking juices – you learn something new everyday!

We’ve got lots of affordable, easy and quick recipes to help you through the mid-week slog like pasta and rice dishes as well as meals to impress the family to take you into the weekend such as our tasty coq au vin. 

Have a look through our top 20 chicken recipes for August and feel inspired to get in the kitchen this month!

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