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A Touching Video on Chicken Doneness

Although I’ve had many requests for it, I’ve not done a
video on how to tell the doneness of steaks using the old “press test.” It does
work once you get a feel for different cuts of meat and thicknesses, but these
variables make it trickier than some chefs would have you believe.

However, when it comes to chicken breasts, it can be a
reliable guide, especially when you don’t have an instant read thermometer
handy. Hey, it’s a long way from the backyard grill to the kitchen drawer when
you’re lugging around a full beer.

Anyway, my new YouTube buddy, Ariyele Ressler, just did a fun
video on the subject, and since we’re right in the middle of grilling season, I thought I’d share. Life
is just way too short for dry chicken breasts, so check it out. Enjoy!

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